ParkUSA, the parent company of ParkProcess, has served the water and wastewater industry for over 30 years, having built a name for themselves in the business of pre-engineered and prefabricated water systems.

Products:  Systems applications include; water metering and cross connection control, water pressure control, water pumping, grease/lint separators, Oil-water separators, water storage, stormwater drainage and treatment, and rainwater harvest.

People:  Park is staffed with engineers, scientists, designers, take missions with many years of industry experience. Park's field technicians offer jobsite service start-ups, equipment calibration and maintenance, and trouble shooting.  These technicians are trained in electrical, mechanical and hydraulic repairs and maintenance.

Manufacturing:  ParkUSA has manufacturing facilities in 4 plants across Texas; Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, & Harlingen. With over 70 acres of combined space, and 500,000 sq ft of crane served industrial fabrication, Park offers water system manufacturing services for industrial & municipal markets.

In 2014, ParkUSA increased its fabrication capabilities by 25% for the purpose of expanding its role in the industrial, municipal and oilfield markets. The goal of this expansion is ParkProcess, the division of ParkUSA that will manufacture dewatering containers, filtration equipment, oil/water separators, blending/mixing equipment and plants, polymer mixing and injection systems, chemical dosing systems, and other solids/liquids separation systems.  The industries served by ParkProcess products include municipal, industrial and oil/gas markets.  The municipal industry is served through ParkProcess representatives in the nationwide, while the industrial and oilfield markets will be handled directly by ParkProcess.







Territories Served:  Michigan


Download the Waterworks Systems & Equipment Line Card (PDF)