Enviropax / Anco Mixers

Enviropax is a manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment equipment for municiple and industrial markets, specializing in the production of mixing and enhanced settling equipment. Enviropax resides in a modern, state of the art facility designed and constructed specifically for their unique manufacturing requirements.

These facilities include a full size in-ground test tank offering full load testing capabilities.  Other facilities provide for on-going product research and development.

To broaden their presence in the industry, Enviropax purchased the Anco Mixer line of equipment in June of 1984. This afforded Enviropax the opportunity to bring the manufacture of mixing equipment in-house.

It also presented an expanded line of mixing products which includes draft tube mixers, in-line mechanical mixers, portable mixers and side entry mixers. With over 1,200 installations of tube settler and mechanical mixing equipment in place throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Pureto Rico and the Philippines, it can truely be said that Enviropax is an ever growing presence in the industry.

Enviropax Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality equipment available today. Conservative design, quality materials and strict quality control standards all result in a superior product. All mechanical equipment is fully factory assembled and tested for proper alignment and fit. Mixers are operated in the in-house test tank facilities to mechanically assure that the unit is operating properly prior to shipment, again insuring product quality.

Territories Served:  Michigan Ohio

 Enviropax / Anco Mixers

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