Biorem Technologies, Inc.

Biorem product offerings include Biofilters, Biotrickling Filters, Dual Stage Odor Control Systems, and treatment for Methane Gas, and VOC's:

Biofilters - Biorem offers an array of biologically based biofilter technologies for the removal of odors, H2S, VOCs and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). The systems can treat air flows from as little as 100 cfm to greater than 500,000 cfm of air and are available in many sizes and options from our smaller integrated modular units to our larger custom designed field erected system. Biorem's biofilters utilize our patented inorganic permanent media Biosorbens or XLD which both carry a 10 year warranty.

Biotrickling Filters - Biorem's biotrickling filters are designed for the removal of high level H2S and other water soluble odorous gases from air streams. Utilizing our high performance inorganic permanent media, we are able to offer a cost effective and efficient process in achieving greater than 99% removal.

Dual Stage Systems - Complex odors associated with various municipal waste water treatment processes can be difficult to treat. That is why Biorem offers a robust and cost effective approach by combining our biotrickling filters and biofilter technologies. The first stage consists of a customizable biotrickling filter that is used as a roughing scrubber to remove elevated hydrogen sulfide concentrations, allowing the second stage biofilter to concentrate on the more difficult organic sulfides and VOCs.

Methane (Biogas) Emissions - The removal of impurities and conditioning of the biogas helps to improve the recoverable value of the resource through greatly reduced operation and maintenance costs for downstream equipment such as reciprocating engines and turbines. The Biorem approach uses a biological solution that offers reliable and simple operation without the use of chemicals or costly consumable media.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) - Biorem offers a VOC removal system to manage emissions containing high levels of VOCs. The system combines biological technology with activated regenerable carbon to yield a removal rate able to meet and exceed every regulatory jurisdiction requirement. Each VOC treatment system is custom designed to meet the facilities specific needs.

Territories Served:  Michigan Ohio

 Biorem Technologies, Inc.

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