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The Weir-Wolf™ automated brush system is designed to clean the weirs, baffles, effluent spillways and launders of water and wastewater clarifiers and thickeners. The Weir-Wolf weir cleaning systems are designed to attach to the skimmer arms of these tanks without adding any additional strain, torque nor energy consumption to drive motors of the clarifiers and thickeners.

The Ford Hall Company has 32 variations of the automated weir cleaning system for installation on circular, multisided, domed, covered or open clarifiers and thickeners. The stainless steel Weir-Wolf automated weir cleaner is spring loaded with over 50 points of flexibility to ensure a thorough cleaning of all effluent surfaces; no matter how irregular those surfaces may be. The Weir-Wolf brush system is designed as part of a new clarifier/thickener or retrofitted to existing tanks at municipal and industrial plants.

  • Each Weir-Wolf system is custom designed and field built for an individual application.
  • Applications include primary clarifiers, intermediate clarifiers, secondary or final clarifiers, holding tanks, chlorine contact chambers and thickeners, whether they are domed, covered or open to the elements.
  • Backed by a five year parts warranty and a one year labor warranty.
  • Offers 24 hours / 7 a week cleaning or can be locked in and locked out to customize cleaning times
  • Eliminates safety issues and the need for weekly manual cleaning
  • Helps TSS and BNR issues.
  • Assists UV and chlorination disinfection systems; reduces UV cleaning.
  • Uses existing clarifier drive; requires no additional power or electricity (unlike spray systems)
  • Works in ALL climates.
  • Prices of the Weir-Wolf system varies with the number of surfaces to be cleaned.
  • Complete list of Benefits, Features and Applications for Weir-Wolf automated weird cleaning system.

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