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Aeration is the process by which compressed air is forced through a liquid or substance, normally from the bottom of a tank, in order to reach a certain level of dissolved oxygen concentration. This method is mandatory for all biochemical production processes but also used commonly in wet flue gas desulfurization units. These different production processes have one general requirement in common: the process control is linked to the flow control of the compressor which must respond exactly and stay within small tolerances even at varying compressor inlet conditions. Siemens supplies specialized, highly-efficient and reliable single stage centrifugal compressor packages for your aeration needs, satisfying these demanding requirements.


Siemens has installed more than 6,000 aeration applications worldwide and has saved 675 MW in excessive energy consumption when compared with alternative technologies, resulting in a saving of 2.9 million tons per year of CO2 emissions.


Main aeration applications

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